Is this any good?

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sonicninja First Officer

Ive not played Lock On yet, is it any good and can you add aircraft etc like you can do in FS9??

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Read Their forums and you'll have better information than I can give.


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sonicninja First Officer

cheers Radarman

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spitfiresrule First Officer

Buy Free falcon 4 its much more realistic + fun to play sure the learning curve is quite large but once you can fly it its simply amazing 😀

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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) First Officer

I had the demo to Falcon 4 its awsome i ejected alot hehe🙂

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David Mathew Covarrubias (David_MC) Trainee

Lock on has many aircraft to choose from. Here is a list of flyable ones.
A-10 Warthog
F-15C Eagle
Su-25 Frogfoot
There Are 3 Varants of the Mig-29.
I have orderd lock on recently and should be getting it soon. I was going to get Falcon 4.0 Allied Force but you only get to fly one plane so it turned me off it. If you want aircraft variety get lock on or jetfighter V.

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