Project Airbus Returns

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I just found this info at ➡

Mattew Murray from Project Airbus writes "It is with great pleasure that I can announce to you that Project Airbus is back. After approximately two-years out of the public eye and working behind the scenes we are back with a few projects up our sleeve. The concept of Project Airbus is exactly the same as we left it, but the whole ethos has changed for the better. Make no mistake, this is not the old Project Airbus but a newer vibrant team - but a few "old-timers"." For more information and a sneak-peak, visit their forum .

Here's the link to their forum ➡

They say that you'll be able to alias the PSS panel to their aircraft. 😳
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Thanks for the info Tailhook. 😉

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Group Wave Thanks Tailhook

Project Airbus made(in my mind 🙄 ) some of the best Airbus models for fs2002,full of animations and little features
I will be watching this with great interest ➡

Thanks again 👍

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