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Hi everyone,
While playing online, I submit my IFR route that the flight planner gives to ATC. But most of the time, the ATC wants to change my route, do certain departure procedures etc... How do you guys do it to know what SID's or airways they are talking about??? All I am equipped with is the FS map, and that is not of any help.
I greatly appreciate your answers!!! 😀

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Well, most on-line ATC take the whole flight sim thing pretty seriously, so they'll assign you published departures and arrivals. If you look on you'll be able to find some "preferred" routes for common paths, and then (if you're flying in the US) you can find the procedures on For instance, if you fly out of IAD, you'll usually get the Capital5 departure. If you fly into O'hare from the south, they'll stick you on the OXI (Knoxville) approach (as I recall). These are all fairly simple and just mean you need to add a few extra waypoints to your flight plan.

Just make sure you read the charts well =). If you're flying out of LGA, and file for the LaGuardia9 departure, be prepared for some slick piloting!

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Thanks for your reply, it was very useful. 😀

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