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I've been trying for the last half hour to download helicopters for FS 2004 and none of the links are working. I get kicked over to a Simviation website that says the link might be broken or the FTP server in use? I thought stuff was hosted here.

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Yes you have right.I check it too and seems that there is a problem.But i think that soon will be fixed.Be a liltle patient and try again later. 😉

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I don't know what gets hosted where, though I have heard of a similar problem to your own recently.

As an alternative, you could try this site in the meantime ➡

Great collection of choppers 😀

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I just joined up today and noticed the same problem. I try to download any file and get kicked over to a simviation error page, one of the possible errors being:

If you have encountered this page when downloading from any other site except SIMVIATION - that site is illegally accessing Simviation files!

Did I just waste five bucks, or are there any files actually being hosted here? And if so, how do I access them?

EDIT: I see now it's just the helicopters, which is what I was wanting to download. Still, that's what I joined to download.

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new member..
why can't I seem to get the aircraft to pull-up in fs2004. I'm extracting it correctly.. anyone have any ideas..

thanks Chris

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Welcome to the site Chris.

I don't know what you mean by "pull up" but I suspect that you can't find the aircraft in your menu.
It can be listed under the manufactures name, a 2002 that won't show or just textures not a full aircraft.
Without knowing exactly which it is we can't help much.

Here is a tutorial to go along with the read-me that came with the aircraft.
I hope this helps.


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