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Thw Fly Away home page now points to a link for Rob Gainer's Mesh Scenery. This link is Has anyone been successful in getting a download to work from this site. It is slow, slow, slow, until it finally just stops.


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Like you say it is slow but I managed to download scenery for Delaware ( at 3.7 Mb (the smallest listed) took 16 minutes on 56 Kb DU modem which is more than double the normal transfer time. Mad
Mind you my knowledge of the German language is zero 😉
Haven't installed it yet so don't know if it is worth the wait.

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I didn't try to download anything but here it is in english, if that helps. 🤔


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davec wrote:

Haven't installed it yet so don't know if it is worth the wait.

Several weeks ago, there was a small "mesh war" going on...mostly due to Mr. Gainer's delusional paranoia; and he insisted on making the "fight" very ugly and personal (including making very nasty yet hallucinatory statements in public). This unfortunate incident did at least get people to take a closer look at Gainer's mesh (not necessarily a good thing for Gainer). While I haven't looked at much of the Gainer mesh (having already become a very satisified user of FSGenesis mesh, and also the mesh of Holger Sandmann, Raimondo Taburet, and Martin Domig), I did have a look at some of Gainer's mesh. If you like "flat, with the occasional spectacular spike", do get Gainer's mesh! 😕

If you like more consistently high quality mesh (even though no mesh can be perfect in all areas), I would recommend sticking with the more experienced mesh Justin of FSGenesis, Sandmann, Taburet, and Domig (I'm sure there are others I'm just not familiar with yet).

Rob Gainer may indeed have produced nice bits of mesh here or there, but from what I've seen so far, and from what others have said about areas of his mesh that I haven't seen, I think I'll avoid his mesh. I also don't feel very good about supporting a person who took a "personal problem" he had with others and plastered it all over the net.

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"Mesh Wars" man now that's scary. 🙄 Well hopefully the competition will drive all in a constructive way. I think I will take Mellisa's advice and skip the download for now.

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