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Utterly Butterly Bi-Plane and CT-4 Air Trainer

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I have been looking everywhere all over the net for these two planes to download:

CT-4 Air Trainer
(RNZAF stunt display team and general air force trainer)

Utterly Butterly Bi-Plane
(Stunt biplanes with wing walkers and smoke sytems- I think it’s a Tiger Moth- that appear in air shows all over the UK)

If anyone could help me by sending me a link to download one for MFS2004 or build me a one, please e-mail me at

Thanks, Andrew Underwood

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cheekytrolly2 Guest

Just to add to that...
Here are some photos of the planes which may help you reconize them:

The Utterly Butterly Bi-Plane with wingwalker and smoke

Heres a fs2002 version of the RNZAF CT-4 Air Trainer but unfortuantly it wont work with FS2004. Prepahps someone could convert it...the page I found it on was:
(dead link removed)

This is the official photo they have on the RNZAF website of the VT-4E trainer:

Hope this helps you all.

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Had you googled "utterly buterfly, you'd have found their site and a document that said:

The team rely on the awesome performance of their 4 1940s vintage Boeing Stearman biplanes. The
aircraft all have a name! “Utterly”, “Butterly”, “Tasty” & “Yum”! These biplanes were originally used as
preliminary training aircraft in the Second World War but now enjoy the civilian airshow life! These
awesome machines are nowadays fitted with a massive 450hp Pratt & Witney radial engine, which is
fitted with 10-foot diameter propeller whose tips reach supersonic speeds as they slice through the air.

aircat Guest

There are no instructions on the RNZAF webpage for installing the CT4 into 2002 - any tips? I"ve got the zip files on desktop but now need to put them into the fs2002 to fly

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