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Hi folks,

I apologise in advance - there's very little to this posting other than to show off about my new 'super computer' that arrived yesterday ...

However, thought some people may be interested in what you get from a FS perspective, when you upgrade to a high spec graphics-oriented PC.

Yesterday I got my AMD 64 FX55. For those that aren't in the know (I wasn't), AMD processors generally perform a lot better with FS than Intel P4 processors. They can also handle overclocking far better (but I don't go in for mods).

The 64bit FX55 is pretty much at the top of the AMD processor ladder (only the FX57 with a jaw dropping price tag beats its). The AMD FX processor series are optimised for running graphic intensive and gaming programmes and the technical spec is all centred around this.

I had this PC built to order by a UK company called (or it may be .com), who offered a fab, personal pre and after sales service (often responding to emails within 10 mins of sending them!).

When you're investing to this degree is a serious FS PC, it's no good sticking a 32Mb Graphics Card in, so you have to invest there too. I again went for the "second highest performer" in this league, with the Nvidia GeForce 7800GT (only the 7800GTX can beat this card). The card again supports reliable and solid over-clocking but to be honest the stock performance is such that there seems little point in messing. (It's a little like messing with the engine of a Subaru Imprezza P1 "to make it faster"... ).

Added to the above is 2048Mb of DDR400 RAM in the form of 4 x 512Mb blocks. The RAM is from Crucial so it's pretty much stock stuff.

The final new piece of kit that I am using alongside this new PC is the TrackIR (with Vector Expansion), an Infra Red head tracking unit, that brings incredible results from Virtual Cockpits.

So how does FS perform with this new kit ?

I loaded up the Flight 1 c172R at Heathrow and the first thing that struck me from the Cessna's glareshield was the leather border - it suddenly looked like a photograph! (not a "photorealistic image" but it actually looked like a photo, the texture of the leather and the reflection from the sun just stunning).

as I tilted my head to the left ot look outside the side window from the VC, I was met by the default FS runway texture - BUT THIS WAS NOT THE DEFAULT FS RUNWAY TEXTURE THAT I KNEW ! It literally looked like video footage of a real Runway surface. from the outside of the plane, the exterior model of the F1 c172R looked utterly stunning - the light relections making the surface of the plane look real and the small Cessna and Flight 1 logos on the real tail crisp and clear.

I started rolling down the runway and rotated at 70knots, the fluidity and smoothness of the motion like nothing I'd seen before in FS.

As I reached 500 feet I again glanced to the left at the ground textures (these are 'FScene' replacement default textures) and the scenery literally almost took my breath away - this is too real ! the feeling of being 500 feet in the air was amazingly real. the detail and colour like nothing I've seen on a home PC.

I toggled SHIFT+Z to see how we were doing on Frame Rates .... With all FS Sliders set to full right (Except Autogen, at Normal) and in the VC (which was set to High Resolution), over Heathrow, my Frame Rates sat at ... wait for it ..... 82 FPS .... from the spot view this jumped up to 99.9 FPS (I think FS auto locks at 100 FPS).

I've since locked frame rates at 50 FPS and things rarely drop below this, even in bad weather.

The reason FS performs so "untaxed" is back to that processor and the Graphics Card - they are optimised to cope with busy graphic processes like FS, lots of varying views, fast changing textures, etc.

Next I tried the PMDG737-800 in Gray and Rainy weather from my hometown of EGNT and the VC was simply stunning. When I'd finished drooling at it, I took off and again, there wasn't the slightest pause while any of the textures were rendered, even with detailed scenery. (haven't yet loaded any of my add-on sceneries up on the new PC yet so they will be next to be tested).

From the NG's VC in Gray and Rainy weather, FPS dropped to 36 FPS .... as I landed at Heathrow, in the same weather and still in the VC they were at 32 FPS (I haven't yet seen Frame Rates drop below the 30s on this PC ... they are usually between 50-70).

So in summary, I wanted fast, reliable CPU performance, high frame rates and fast texture rendering .... but I got this and more - stunning visual improvements to all textures.

To be honest, I have a feeling the fab results are as much down to the superb 7800GT graphics card as they are to the FX55 but that's just a hunch.

In conclusion, this cost a lot of money (banged on to the Credit Card of course), but the value to me is huge - worth every penny. I am seeing FS perform like I didn't believe it could.

If only I had a 32" plasma monitor to go with this !

David .. 😂

PS. For those who aren't able to get an AMD FX just yet but have about £100 to spend on some hardware, I would seriously recommend the TrackIR Pro. The device makes a HUGE increase in realism to the sim. You stick an infra red unti on top of your monitor and them you clip a small reflector onto a baseball cap. Now as you move your head in 6 degrees of motion, you get to really be IN the virtual cockpits in FS2004. Absolutely awesome and very little impact on Frame Rates (I'm talking about my old system there!).

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how much did you spend on your pc then mate, it sounds awesome, post some screen shots in this forum quickly!!!!!!!!!

Jealous guy! 😁

Micah 😉

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

Pro-Sim, that sounds very nice! - I'm extremely happy for you, and those figures of frame rates you posted took my breath away! Congratulations; I hope you enjoy your new system just as much as I enjoyed imagining it! 😀 Who, knows, I think your just about ready for FS2006 with something like that 😉


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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

😳 ....and might I add 😳 .

So how much did this cost you ProSim? I'm still in the hole budget wise (Columbia U is not so cheap 😉 ), but my laptop is in serious need of replacement..... 😉

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lkw First Officer

Congradulations on your new system. Gives me something to dream about. 👍 👍 👍 👍

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Is there an emoticon that drools? Nice system!

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Yes Drool That's a super nice system, enjoy!


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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

You made me jealous!! Drool

Can we see some screenshots or, if possible, a video, please?

Your new system is super, mega-ultra awesome! Congratulations! 👍

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Michael_H First Officer

Drool, drool.. 👍

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Censored I want one

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Insight Chief Captain

nice m8

I would of gone for the ATI 1800XL which is just out and out performs the 7800 GTX (which I have) and is as cheap as the GT i think

Wish I had gotten that one now, still tempted to cut my losses and sell my card on ebay and get the ATI 1800XT

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jarred_01 Captain

Wow, I am extremely jealous!!

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Umm... Its acceptable...I have seen betters.... Whistle

In NASA... 😉

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Pro-Sim wrote:

Hi folks,

Yesterday I got my AMD 64 FX55. For those that aren't in the know (I wasn't), AMD processors generally perform a lot better with FS than Intel P4 processors. They can also handle overclocking far better (but I don't go in for mods).

You are right there! Congratulations on your new rig. It sound very cool.

I will be in the market for a new one myself as soon as FS2006 comes out, and it will be an AMD based computer

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