Help! My Runways are Help! My Runway Disappearing!

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Recently, when I have been landing and takeing off (at various airports around the world) the runway startS to dissapear right infront of my eyes! (see screenshot below)

Then once I'm up to about 50 feet, they re-appear again, very strange...

It dosent happen at all airports- only a few, can anyone help me by telling me whats going wrong and how I can fix it?

Andrew Underwood

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cheekytrolly Guest

😕 whoops, I meant the subject title to be "Help! My Runway Disappearing!"

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

I guess if you download the AFCAD for that airport will fix that problem.

Go to and look for the AFCAD of the airport.

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Give us the specs of your computer, it could be a video driver or ram problem.


cheekytrolly Guest

My system specs are:
• 2.4GHZ Intel Celeron Processor
• 769MB RAM
• 80GB Hard Drive
• Creative NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600 (256 MB)
• Windows XP Home (Service Pack 2)
• DirectX 9.0c

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You have a good system with the exception of your video card, it's getting old. I would load new drivers but not the latest ones, the card may not be able to handle them.

As long as you haven't been adding or adjusting anything in your texture or scenery folders the problem may be the drivers.

Don't put your slides in settings higher than the default, lower (or shut off) some if possible, the Celeron Chip isn't the fastest in Intels line.

TTT is the resident expert for NVIDIA cards.


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