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Hi Guys,

I have now managed to run FS2004 on dual monitors on my X800 XT PE with the 5.10 drivers.

I have one query though

All my antialiasing is run through the Catalyst center. The FS2004 antialiasing is switched off.

What happens is on the main screen when I am in spot view, I get antialiasing. If I were to drag that window to the second screen I seem to loose the antialiasing so I see all the zagged lines.

Is there any reason for this? I have set the catalyst to have antialiasing on both ports(DVI and analog) and also set the right resolutions in the game for both the ports.



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I think you set the AA and AF settings per monitor, so in your catalyst control panel you need to ensure the aa and so on is set the same there too

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What's antialiasing? By the way Newboy, any chance you could post a picture of your setup?? I'd love to see what it looks like! 😂

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anti aliasing is what takes the jagged lines away when you look at an object, so if you looked along your wiong with none.. you would see a jagged line as the computer can only draw in pixels which inherently means only straight lines..

anti aliasing is a fancy way of smoothing this out


How can I attach a picture of my setup on the forum?


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Anonymous wrote:

How can I attach a picture of my setup on the forum?


You need an image host to link to.
Get a free account at and upload your screenshot.
Then put the jpeg between the image brackets here.

[img]Put it here[/img]


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