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What kind of setting should I be setting my force feedback to so that I am close to the real thing. I have them all turned on in FS but didnt know if I should keep my FFB setting at 50% or crank it up to 100%. I know there are alot of types of sticks out there. Unfortunatly I do not own on of the nicer ones... I am using the thrustmaster Afterburner FFB.

If anyone can input thnx in advance... for now i think I will turn them up to about 90% not sure what kind of pressure I should have in flight so I will start here.

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I have mine on around 50%. Any higher and the vibration for take off in a jet is unrealistic, but it will still vibrate a lot if you go on grass or dirt. This is with a different stick though so try whatever suits you. It shouldn't vibrate too much unless you do something unorthodox. Hope it helps 😉

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Thnx for input... what about center spring..? Turn it on or off?

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