707 Pro... wanna change your wishlist??

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These are excerpts of Andrew Herd's review:

'The genesis of the 707 lies in the ashes of Nazi Germany, when a Boeing employee named George Schairer happened on wind tunnel data relating to swept wing aircraft. Schairer got the information back home as soon as he decently could, where it became a key data source in the development of a radical new swept wing bomber, the B-47. Over 2000 B-47s were built and the design was hugely influential, but it so happened that at the same time, Boeing was looking to develop a turbojet powered replacement for the Model 377 Stratocruiser, but faced a significant obstacle in that the investment required was phenomenal and the airlines weren't willing or able to fund it.'

'Just Flight's choice of the 707 isn't too surprising after the success of their superb 727. Any readers who haven't tried the trijet yet should seriously consider buying it as well as the 707, because not only do the two sims make a great pair; they demonstrate to perfection what it was like to fly these early passenger jets. Forget Flight Management Computers, forget glass cockpits; these planes came from an age where if a task required pressing two switches, they would be sited at opposite sides of the panel - and if you could see a runway, you could land on it.'

'As you may have gathered, I like the 707 a great deal. It succeeds because it has bags of personality and it is nothing short of a breath of fresh air in a market dominated by anodyne simulations of modern tin. Sure, glass cockpit sims are all the rage now, but any fool can fly along a magenta line, particularly when the flight management computer is doing all the work. Developers have an understandable tendency to concentrate on stuff that they know will sell...'

'The Just Flight 707 Professional deserves to be a huge seller for Captain Sim and Just Flight; because it completely blows the competition away. ..'

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Yeah, I've heard some great reviews about it. I've also heard though that it is a fairly serious framerate hog, and I just can't take something like that on my setup yet =T

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Another very interesting article. ❗

Thanks a lot Tailhook. 😉

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

I have a dumb question. The plane appears to be the CaptainSim Legendary 707 which has been available for quite a while. So what has changed???

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