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Can someone please confirm the reverst thrust default key for a boeing 747? I always assumed that it was F2, but that doesn't seam to be working.


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You might look in the "aircraft.cfg" file of your 747 and see if the "reverser-available" is set at "1" for yes. If it is set to "0", then you can change it. You can also look in your FS settings and make sure that the "throttle decrease quickly" is set as "F2".

My reverse thrust works fine using the F2 on the 747. Good luck. George

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Make sure you are only using reverse thrust on the ground, as you can't use it in the air.

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i to have noticed this, it may take a little bit if you are landing with full power. but DONT DO THAT.

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So, how much throttle do you want for reverse thrust?

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I have noticed that in flight sim, you cannot apply any reverse thrust without removing all the power from the throttle.

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