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Hi all,

I've got 2 probs.

First-does someone know what button it is to oen you're planes nose?
(not main exit or tailhook I've already tryed this)

Second-when I'm pushbacking my plane it wont turn to left or right (not with my joystick,and not with numpads) I've red this prob once before and they said is was a fault that was planted in FS from the beginning.How can I fix this bug bcuze I'm totally desperated. 😞


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I can't help you with your first question. Out of curiousity, which aircraft are you flying?

On the second question, you must give FS09 the correct command to make it turn during push back. Shift-P will move you straight back, but shift-P immediately followed by the keyboard "1" will turn you to the left. Shift-P 2 will turn you to the right.

Shift-P must be pressed at the same time, IMMEDIATELY followed by the 1 or 2 to select the turn direction. That's 1 or 2 on the keyboard, not on the num pad. And you can't change the direction after the pushback has started. If you want to change directions, press shift-P again to stop the pushback, then again to start a new pushback in the correct direction.

Hope this helps,


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To open the nose of the aircraft the designer should have put the key stroke needed in his read-me. If he didn't he may not have made it able to open.
Try the forward slash "/".


geust Guest


Maybe can you tell me if you want,what action the "/" is ( at the assignements menu) so i can search for this aciton and choose my own button.

and thanx for the given info

(the taxing is working now 😀 )

geust Guest

ow yeah sorry but my plane I ment to open his nose is the an-124 and It can be done because,the designer put some pics in the file when te nose is open.

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They usually put the key assignments in their read-me as I said. He should have set it himself.

If not go to settings/assignments and set it for yourself.


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