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Anyone wanna come fly?

Can_o_Whoop Guest

Is there anyone that will just come and fly with me? I just wanna play with some ppl. My IP is

I'd really appreciate it if someone would come on and play lol. I'm just bored.

Can_o_Whoop Guest

lol sorry, my server wasn't up if u tried to connect. now it is up, pls come and join!

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Jim_4 Trainee

man that was one helluva flight lol took like a half hour jus to get off runways

lamby Guest

how do u connect to a multiplayer thingy cuz i wanna but i have no idea how to connect cheers

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ceetee Chief Captain

Hi ' Can_o_Whoop' Is your server running 24/7 or at a specific time? I'd like to come flying with you if you can tell me a specific time (including your time zone so I can convert to NZ time) and date. 🙂

And as for 'lamby' To connect to Multiplayer is easy. Just open your main fs2004 screen, click the multiplayer tab at the side and hit 'Open Session' Then it will come up with two boxes. One of them you can write your desired user name in, and the other one is the Server IP address you wish to join (In this case it is Hit enter and the game will appear in the big box below next to it's description. Hit join- and a chat box will come up. Write "?where" to find out where all the other players are at, then return to your main screen, pick an aircarft and go to a airport to begin!

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alohajoe First Officer

I'd like 2 fly 2. Name when where and what type of object 2 fly. I'm in Pacific Standard time zone (western USA)If you could set a good late afternoon/mid-evening flight would be great!


yes i would like to fly with you guys too, i'm new to the flight simulator community and would like to have some fun! 😀 please tell me when/where you will be flying, I'm in Singapore so its GMT+8hrs. cheers guys!!! 😀

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