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PMDG 737 800/900 Help please

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I can't get onto the Avsim site, so I thought I would ask on here.
I'm having problems contacting the tower with the PMDG 737, as the graphics on the radio stack are not very good. Do'es anyone know how/where to transmit or contact ATC ???? I've pressed everything here there and everywhere Umm... Thanks.

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Seeing that none of the payware specialists has helped you yet I can only offer a shot in the dark as I don't own the PMDG 737.
Press the key under your "Esc" key near the lefthand top corner "` and ~" - don't use Shift, that should bring up the ATC window from which you can contact ATC.
Someone please jump on me if I'm wrong

Try and be a little bit more specific with your question fourby, you'll get more replies that way 😉 🙂

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Thanks Tailhook 🙂 I dont know why I did'nt come accross it before, but going through the keyboard again, it turns out that it's the key ......... @
so thanks for your help and your reply. 😉

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and just for your information Fourby, there is a fine PMDG support forum at Avsim where there are specialist ready to help you with anything related to the airplane.

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