Two aircraft repaints needed - Scottish Virtual Airline

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Hello there if someone could help me i would be most grateful. I am looking for two aircraft to be painted so that my virtual airline has its own livery. I put a post in the other forum advertising my VA, Scotline, [url] [/url] or

The two aircraft we operate with are the Cessna Grand Caravan for (FS9 default) for regional flights, and the boeing 737-400 (FS9 default). I am looking for the main fuselage to be a navy blue, but not too dark. Silver wings and engine. The tail should be navy blue as well. I would like to try and have Scotline on the side of the aircraft in silver.

To summarise

1. Cessna grand Caravan and a Boeing 737-400
2. Navy blue Fuselage and Tail
3. Silvery Colour Wings and Engine.
4. Scotline on the side in Silver

Thankyou and i look forward to any replies

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Check out this post.

Be sure to give him the details he need to do the painting.
He's very good and quite busy at this time but will do it for you if it's clear to him what model (link to it) you need.


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Note your request for repaints are all for FS9 default a/c - there are many restrictions with them as they all have mirrored texturess - the curse of a repainters life!!
Leave it with me - and I'll have a look at the a/c concerned and see what I can do. Have 3 jobs on hand at the moment so it won't be yesterday that you'll get them!!!!!!
By my avatar, you will realise that I know what blue you will want. 😂

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Thankyou for the replies i appreciate them. Glad to see someone else flying the flag for Scotland. I will also go to that other link and see about requesting the aircraft as well. Yes basically the two default aircraft are the ones that i am looking to obtain. The cessna grand caravan and a boeing 737-400. I fly the 737 NG by PMDG but i think that would be a rather extravigant request. So as i say the default would be brilliant.

This colour of Navy Blue would be ideal for the fuselage.I will try to get back to you regularly and work with you, my msn is available on my profile if you need to contact me more immediately.

FAO davec

It is okay i am not in any hurry at the moment, i am still constructing the parts of the site for the VA at the moment so basically if you can do it, that would be great and if it takes 1-2 or more weeks then that is no trouble at all. I am trying to create a quality VA that offers quality, not quanitity.

Thankyou once again, i will check back soon

clayloch11 Guest

I will repaint the Cessna. Email me at:

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Okay ive sent you an email with hopefully clear details.

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

It would appear that I have a helper - thank goodness, I'm getting a bit snowed under any way and he can also do the 737-400 if he wants.
Thanks a lot clayloch11- you're a fine chap.

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I was wondering if someone would still be able to help me get the two repaints please? Any takers?

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We have just taken stock of two new aircraft for our fleet. The first of our two liveries. Here are some screenshots of our 737-700 which was kindly repainted by Steve Morley

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