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Hey guys,

Finally started using the gorgeous water texture, however when I get past 20000+ feet it stops drawing the far away textures. Anyone had this happen before. Its the same issue as the altitude sharpness with the ground terrain. Itl draw blue and some sun reflectivness, however it wont draw waves. Any ideas?

My system:

AMD 64 3500+
ATI x800 XT PE
1024x2 Gb DDR Ram
Audigy 2 Sound card

Is tehre anythign that needs to be adjusted inthe scenery priorities? If anyone has had this issue and knows how to adjust to make it work id be greatly appreciative. Thanks guys.

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Usually not enough ram causes slow or little rendering of scenery.
You may have some of the slides turned up to high, clouds, shadows, traffic that are using up your resources for the scenery.
Also programs running in the background can use up valuable ram. You can try a program like this.


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