Just got FSpassengers.......but :)

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Hi Peeps,

I have just purchased FSpassengers but in order to run it properly I need to start FS from the gate, not the runway, is there anyway this can be done?


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When you select the starting airport, there is a pull down menu down at the bottom of the screen, which by default shows "Active runway". Change that to any gate you like 🙂

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You say that to run it properly you have to run it from the gate.

Just wanted to check what you mean by this because if you mea for a more realistic flight, ie with the taxiing then you would be correct. But, if you mean that you physically cant do it, then you are wrong.

When at the end of the runway, after loading your passengers, release your parking break and start the music playing to please your peeps.
rev your engine slightly but brake to keep the aircraft stationary.

Once the safety announcement is over, when you stop the music this will give the cabin crew the signal that you are ready for takeoff and away you go!!

Micah 😉

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