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Whenever I am flying my favorite plane, sometimes my screen would go blank and the program would minimize. When I click to open the flight comes back up on the screen and I have to unpause it to continue flying. It would not do this all the time. Any suggestions? 😕


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Umm... I dont know much about your video card(i use nvidia) but crashing to desktop sounds like a driver problem.
Check for latest drivers ,even if the card is new

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Its a odd though. My PC was doing this even before I got my new card. It only does it while I am in FS4. Everything is normal when I bring it back up too.

I had a sound issue when I fly over the Hawaiian Islands but does not do it all the time... I guess my PC is tempermental!..

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Surprised Faulty sound card drivers can also effect the video output so check them too

To check in XP click start/control panel/system/hardware/device manager(its nearly the same in 98/me)

That will bring up a window showing all thats in/conected to your pc.An exclamation mark ❗ means somethings wrong

Let us know how you get on Hack

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❓ 🙄 Also if you have any downloaded scenery that'll occasionally cause some problems.

Take a look at this and see if it can also apply to you. Read

Load the latest DirectX and the SP1 pack. Yes


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