VFR Photographic Scenery, Any Good?

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Hi folks, i've just been offered a pack of VFR Photographic Scenerys, Vol1,3 and 4 (origionals) for a very reasonable price but im not sure if they are any good or not.

I have a lot of addon scenerys (RAF Bases UK) installed at present and im not sure what the implications, if any would be if i installed these VFR packages?

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The VFR series is very good from above 3000ft(providing your GFX can handle the extra workload)but as you get lower things become blurred.
Not to such an extent that you cant make things out

Providing the airfield is in fs then you should have no major problems with any addon scenery

VFR also disables some of the auto scenery

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It sounds to me like im better off without it then....

cheers for the reply

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