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I'm having trouble staying connected to a certain server. Before you ask i have every firewall turned off and theres not a problem with the server as i used to connect to it and others still do. I can connect to the server for roughly 30 seconds then it says "fshost has left the session" and im back in single player. A

ny help would be GREATLY apreatiated.

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I'm not an expert, but a confirmed dabbler, if you go to FSHosts site, just find it with google, there is a lot of useful info.

Sounds to me as though someone has not got their router set correctly, this is the common fault. Specially if you are using fs2004, which is much more finicky than fs2002 regards settings. If someone else comes on a server using fs2002 and badly set router, then anyone on there using fs2004, will get that error message. Those using fs2002 will not be affected.

Having explained this, there are also other reasons for this type of problem. But this is the most likely.

And no need to turn off Anti-Virus or FireWall, just put the relevant IPs in the trusted zone.


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