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Has anybody tried to take off from a view at the tower? If you have a fast plane such as the F16, you can see everything going on with your plane in flight or just a quick flyby with full afterburners going.

Just a different perspective..

Jetman 😳 😳 😳

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👍 Good tip thanks ❗
Try "Ctrl+S" and use the "+ or -" to zoom in and out, it's very cool
You get a top view of the terrain that you are over. Yes


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Another great tip. Thank you. 🙂

Happy Flying.


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😀 Dont forget that with the tower view, if your not happy with the view you can move the tower in map mode and then adjust the hight,(fs9 tends to put the hight at ground level if you move it)
Now with a little tweak here & there you should get that perfect viewpoint

Good luck

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The view from the tower is the best way to practice aerobatics, especially flying the Extra 300s with smoke, an awesome display.

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