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One of the problems I find after downloading aircraft is that there are usually no pilot's notes at all. I know that it is perfectly possible to experiment with takeoff and eventually find the rotate speed but landings are another matter.

I tried experimentation by reducing speed in flight and trying to identify stall speeds with various flap settings and this is ok up to a point but it doesn't give anywhere near the same amount of information as is to be found in the FS2004 notes for the Boeing 737 which are very comprehensive. Stalling light aircraft to find out stall speeds is one thing but can cause problems with "heavies" - I tried it on an Antonov AN-124 and the stall with full flap turned into an unrecoverable fall from the skies.

Does anybody know where Pilot's Notes are to be found? I've searched the web for the AN-124 and whilst I can find plenty of sites willing to charter the plane to me I have yet to find flying data of any help, other than that stalling speed might be 88 KIAS and required runway length appears to be 1800M (5850ft). As I haven't yet managed to land the plane I've no idea whether the same runway length applies.

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I can send you some pilot manuals if you want. They are in the Training Center of my VA and you need to be registered to see them. I can send them to you if you want, but they don't have the AN-124.

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