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Lost VFR Photo Scenery on installation of new video card

falcopilot Guest

I have FS 2004 installed and have added most of the VFR Photo Scenery files for the UK from Just Flight.

I am running a Pentium III, 1 Mhz, 640 Mg Ram server. I have recently added a third physical HD and upgraded my video card from a Radeon 9100 to the new Radeon X700, with 256 Mb of video RAM.

I use my C drive for all normal stuff and had some FS type apps on both that drive and my F drive. I added the third drive, a 10k rpm one - G - to hold nothing but aviation stuff. I used Norton Ghost to replicate my F drive on G and added other apps fresh from the C drive. So far all worked perfectly.

I then replaced the video card, as above. No problem with either the physical installation or taking out the old drivers and replacing them with the new. No problems with any apps, except...

When I first run FS2004, up comes a series of error messages as follows:

Scenery.cfg file error. Local Scenery directory (F:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\JFVFR2\VFGM_PhotoScenery_Vol2_1\ in scenery area.039 not found. Click on OK to continue. Thirteen error messages like this appear with the .039 being replaced with .041/.044 etc.

FS9 then fires up but, surprise, surprise, when I set up a UK flight, I only get the FS default scenery. (I have checked within the FS set up screen and all the VFR scenery is present and checked)

Now clearly this is some sort pf path error as FS is trying to find its old friends on the F drive, which is now empty. Why the installation of the video card software should do this I have no idea.

Can any one help me, please, to remap the file location. I really don't want to have to install afresh all four scenery disks

Many thanks


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jelami First Officer

i don't think this has anything to do with your video card, although I would go under the setings tab in FS9 and verify that your video settings are as you want them to be.
Next I would work on fixing the problem with file locations that happened when you moved the files to a new drive letter. Under the settings tab, go to scenery library at the bottom. click on the scenery you want, select edit, and locate the file on the new drive. Keep doing this (13 times I think you said), until you have pointed FS9 to each of the scenery files that are in question. You will have to restart FS9 before continuing. I think that should do it for you, good luck

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I hope what jelami suggested works, personally I think your overloading a weak power supply and need to up grade it to at least a 450w Antec.



Thanks Jelami and Radarman.

I did say 13 files but, actually, when I reran it, it is 17, whcih includes all the mesh and terrain files for vols 1/2/3. I can find all the scenery files in the FS 9 folder, but not the terrain ones. So, I am reluctant to delete or repoint to the new files until I am sure that I can find them all again.

Radarman, on your power supply point; I hope that you are not right. I am running an IBM eSeries 200 Server, with a 330W power supply. The X700 takes it's power from an additional lead from the C drive. I am running Windows XP Pro and do have three disks installed, all running at 10k. I bought the X700 from Crucial, who told me that anything above 300 W would be OK.



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RadarMan Chief Captain

When you mentioned that you had a P-3 I naturally figured that the p/s was the original.
The one that you do have now should be more than enough. I figured that if you were going to replace the original get one that is more than you need at the present time.

Try these.;en-us;312463;en-us;896907

Could it be FSUIPC ?;en-us;888951



Thanks, again, RadarMan.

In will try these all out.



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