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Hi Folks,

I was wondering if you can help...

When navigating from one airport to another, I can navigate using GPS by putting the departure airport and the desination airport in the flight planner, select VFR navigation, select GPS, then click "Find Route".

On the aircraft panel, I can then flick the navigation switch from VOR to GPS.

How would I then set the Autopilot to follow the route set in the GPS?

And then, when I get within range of my destination, which radio do I punch the ILS frequency into, and how can I set the Autopilot to follow the ILS?


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JTH First Officer

You put the ILS frequency into the same radio as you put the VOR frequencies (the top right one on the radio stack of a Cessna 172).

By the way, I have a related follow-up question. Is it realistic that you can navigate with GPS on a plane like a 172? Do these really have GPS, and if so where are they physically in the cockpit? The reason I ask is because there is a NAV/GPS switch in the 172, yet there doesn't seem to be any physical GPS device. Thanks 😂

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

To get the autopilot to follow the route you have in the GPS, switch the NAV-GPS switch you referred to over to GPS, and simply select the "Nav" function of your autopilot. It will then follow whatever course you have programmed in there.

When you are in range of the ILS, program the frequency into NAV1 in your radio stack and set the course for the runway (i.e. 260 for rwy 26, found right next to the frequency info) on the autopilot panel (in the CRS window, not the HDG). Now when you're all set, disengage the autopilot and switch the NAV-GPS switch back to NAV. You can then drop your speed to VRef (the reccomended landing speed + correction for wind -> you can find the first part in the kneeboard), and hit the "APP" button on the autopilot. Re-engage the autpilot (if you havn't done so already) and you should be fine from there. Just make sure your flaps are set and gear is down 😉

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Haha, it seems we got here at the same time JTH 😉 .

The answer is yes and no. It seems you can rig up a GPS/autopilot system to just about anything! However:

if you check out website for Maule, you'll notice that they have "standard equipment" - but also "optional equipment." Most aviation companies list their avionics package in a similar way. So although you can put a GPS and/or autopilot into any plane, the cost certainly will vary! If you plan on using a plane exclusively for VFR, an $8.00 sectional seems a lot more cost effective than an incredibly expensive GPS unit! 😳 You can also find anything from simple 1 axis autopilots that will follow the course off of a VOR, to full on 2 axis autopliots that handle everything right down the glideslope!

I'm certain Don Wood will come by quite soon to give us the real story behind it all! 😀

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Of course, if you want to go GPS to the bitter end and the airport has a VNAV runway, you can fly to the end of the green indicator shown on the GPS at the end of the runway and switch the A/P to APP or APPR. It will bring you in on the right course. Speed and altitude is your responsibility.

Don Wood Guest

Sorry OriginalGrunge - I can't help with this one. I have neither a GPS nor an autopilot in my plane. When I was flying aircraft with autopilots, GPS had not yet become affordable for general aviation. Now that they are affordable, I don't have the panel space to fit one.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Oh well, it's certainly nice to fly more "hands-on" with VOR-to-VOR anyway. Although "affordable" is still a relative term 😉 . From browsing sites I'm finding that the basic GPS system is $5,000, with the full IFR packages ranging up to $25,000!

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Let's buy 3 of them! 😂

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