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I just got the PMDG 747 and was reading through the manual and am just a bit confused on a few things. It says for the take off manual to find the airport elevation (mean sea level) and the temperature. How do I exactly find this info? ALso for the chart why do the temperatures start at 60 degrees? I'm sure it has to be cold other places where these planes take off. I also don't understand what they mean by determine the desired thrust setting and flap setting. How do I exactly do that? I also am having trouble shutting the engines down when I shut them off they start up again a few seconds later. How can I turn the engines off?
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Airport elevation can be found on the plates (the charts) and maybe (I'm not sure) on the FS9 map. The temperature can be gotten from the METAR (Meteorological Report) for the airport. You can get that off the Internet (there are quite a few sites probably).

I don't understand which chart you're talking about. The flaps/speeds calculation? And is 60 the maximum or minimum? I assume by "determine the desired thrust setting and flap setting", they mean you need to calculate the V speeds and flaps for take-off, depending on what you mentioned, runway condition etc etc.

As for the engines, I can't help you. There has to be a procedure for that - in the manual.

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