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I have a MS sidewinder joystick and I am having a difficult time with take off's and landings. I have two of my buttons set for rudder left and right. However when I click on either one my ship spins out of control especially on take off's and landings. I open to any sugestions

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See if this helps you, there is one article on settings for your joystick.

I just use the stick itself instead of assigning buttons, I'm not very good, maybe that's my problem. 🙄


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i know your exact problem >>>>>>>>>> your buttons are too sensitive take the sensitivities down a few noches if that dosn`t work then use the joystick instead of the buttons because buttons can be realy sensitive so just use the joystick from now on i had the same trouble with my choppers and or /joysticks if what i just told you doesn`t work then i don`t know what will. hope this helps.

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Great helicopter downloads and heli forums 😉

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Chris102 wrote:

Great helicopter downloads and heli forums 😉

Excellent link there Chris. *bookmarked*

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