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Well I finally bought pmdg737ng, I did the cockpit checks, programmed the fmc, the APU is running but help, I just cannot get the engines to start.

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Have you tried clicking, Crtl+E

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Here you go:

Establish Electrical Power

Press the caution lamp to clear all of the caution conditions.
Press the button 'O' to bring up the overhead panel.
Hit the battery button.

Hit the APU start button and wait for the APU lights to turn blue.
Now, flip the APU GEN buttons to on(both of them).
Turn the APU Bleed switch to on.
Move the 3 ISO valves(left, center, and right) to auto.
Turn on the RECIRC fan, and your done with the overhead. Press the 'M' button to return to the main panel.

Engine Start

Move all fuel pump switches to on.
Arm the Emergency Exit Lights by clicking once on the flip cover.
Move the Electric Hydraulic pumps to on.
Turn on the probe heat.
Turn on the Window heat.
Turn on the no seatbelt/no smoking signs.


Move the right engine ignition switch to GND
Open up the main panel, and then the throttle panel.
At 20% N2, move the right engine fuel cutoff switch to on.
Repeat Steps 34-35 for the left engine.

Now your engines should be roaring away. PMDG really out did themselves with the sounds!

Open up the overhead panel.
Turn the Left and right engine generators on
Turn off the APU
Turn off the APU bleed.
Turn on the left and right engine bleeds
One last thing on the overhead, turn on the yaw dampener.

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You have to be sure that the only bleed air on at the starting time is the APU bleed air.

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Jarred, would you mind explaining the bleed air switch and the hydraulic system and all that? I don't really understand it. Thanks!

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Jared Captain

well are you talking about in the PMDG 737? I really am not sure with other aircraft's systems let along the 737. Well normally you have the electric and engine hydraulic pumps on and before and during staring of the engines, you only have the APU belled air on, after that you can turn both engine bleed air on.

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