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The gate tube thingy

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alright, this sounds dumb, cause its pretty much the only thing i'm not well vested in when it comes to flying jets (747 ALL THE WAY...hehe, i'm biased)

How do i make that tube thingy come from the gate when im parked next to it, i open the door and nothing happens, so i wait bout 5 minutes for my passengers to jump to their deaths, then i back up and fuel up and go again...make it stop!!!

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😀 Hello
The gate err tube thingy(airbridge), would in real life move to the aircraft once it was parked, but in Fs9 it will not.
Some downloadable scenery may have this feature, I found one some time ago but the link is now dead
Some of the commercial scenery (payware) will have this

Perhaps this feature will be in Fs10??

Hope it helps

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