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I need help
1. i am using FSX
2. i have GIMP (and know how to use it)
3. i want to modify planes

i have been playing FSX for ages and i have been using gimp for a few weeks
i want to modify planes

can someone tell me which file i go to in FSX so i can modify the AIRCRAFT only
none of that panel and sound stuff
i just want to take the Pure white version of a aircraft and put my name or something on it

Thanx - a step by step would be great

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Why don't you use one of the tutorials? They all use step by step instructions, it's the only way to tackle a task like that.
Depending on what kind of a/c you want to paint you might need a paintkit. Even if you just want to put your name on it your graphics editor might have to have layer properties which, from memory, Gimp lacks. That's why a/c repainters don't use it.
There is also the format conversion issue. Just google or search in this forum for DXTBMP.

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after further investigation
i cant use GIMP

So can anyone recommend a program within a students budget
that i can use and has good tutorials

cheers everyone

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None of the programs' tutorials are tailored for your purpose. Most a/c repainters use either Photoshop or Jasc PSP which is now owned by Corel in case you're looking for it.

Both Photoshop and PSP usually have a fully working trial version limited only by the dreaded 'time factor'. 😉

If I were you, I'd look at several tutorials first and then decide on the graphics editor/paint program, as any tutorial will be written based on a particular editor.

If you put the trial period of one of the above mentioned editors to good use with the aid of a good tut, you should be able to carry over your experience to another editor such as Serif PhotoPlus which is much cheaper particularly in your part of the world. SPP does everything you need for repaints.

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