How do I add the afterburner effect for my SR-71?

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I downloaded the Alphasim SR-71A add-on for FSX and even though it says it comes with the cool afterburner effect, I can't get it to work. Anyone here know how to config the afterburners to work?

Here's what my config is in the SR-71 airplane.cfg file:


//Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing

light.0 = 1, 1.137, 0.4, 3.62, fx_beaconb ,
light.1 = 1, 2.9, 0, -2, fx_beaconb ,
light.2 = 4, 32.4, 0.00 , 2.85, fx_vclight

//afterburner effects
light.11= 6, -41.0, -15.50, 0.3, fx_F14_Burn1 , // Eng1 Afterburner Burn1
light.12= 6, -41.0, -15.50, 0.3, fx_F14_Burn2 , // Eng1 Afterburner Burn2
light.13= 6, -48.5, -15.50, 0.0, fx_F14_Burnerflame , // Eng1 Afterburner Flame
light.14= 7, -41.0, 15.50, 0.3, fx_F14_Burn1 , // Eng2 Afterburner Burn1
light.15= 7, -41.0, 15.50, 0.3, fx_F14_Burn2 , // Eng2 Afterburner Burn2
light.16= 7, -48.5, 15.50, 0.0, fx_F14_Burnerflame , // Eng2 Afterburner Flame
light.17= 6, -40.0, -15.50, 0.5, fx_F14_Blueflame , // Eng1 Blueflame,
light.18= 7, -40.0, 15.50, 0.5, fx_F14_Blueflame , // Eng2 Blueflame,

This is the effect I am looking for:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Any takers?

Pretty please? 😛

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Post what the README.txt file says.

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Nothing about the afterburners. Just how to unzip the files, what works for the animations (Shift+E) and some general gauge info.

I think I am just going to have to spring for the payware version. Besides, it's a much cooler and accurate cockpit.

Thanks anyways...

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Did you try Shift+F4 to lite it?

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Yep, that didn't work either. I even tried Shift+1 through 12 just to cover my bases. It's silly...If it has the option, why isn't it just automatic with full throttle?

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Okay, I went and purchased the FSX-ready SR-71 from AlphaSim...Hoo boy! What a difference! I shouldn't have waited...

I got this one:

Thanks anyways for those who did try to help.

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