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MS Flight Simulator X Graphical Requirements

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I'm new to FSX and I've only just bought the game, though I've been watching it and playing other flight sims. I currently have a desktop PC running off of the CPU's integrated graphics (Intel HD 4600). I am wondering whether FSX will run at a decent frame rate using these graphics? I don't have much money to spare but I was looking at this low-end graphics card (). If the simulator wouldn't run at a decent frame rate with the integrated graphics, would it run at a decent frame rate on that graphics card as it has just over twice the power? I'm planning on running VATSIM with FSX. I'm using an intel i5 (Haswell) with a clock speed of 3.4GHz, so my processing power is fine, my only concern is graphics.

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Apologies, forgot to include the link of the aforementioned graphics card I'd been looking at. Here it is:


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That's a very good price on such a nice card.
Clean out your old drivers, delete your present card in the "device manager", shot down computer.
Put in new card, boot up and load the driver CD that came with the card.
Lock your FSX at 20fps and see how you like it.
Don't push the slides too far to the right, a i5 isn't that powerful and FSX is CPU driven.

Let us know what and how you do.


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