B-25 Lacking RPM?

RickG Guest

Hi guys/gals - Today I downloaded a North American B-25. Download flies well, however, I can't get anymore than 1500 RPM out of the engines. MP is good 45" on takeoff, but I'm just lacking that extra RPM. I even tried another freeware download, probably a better download than the first, but that is also lacking RPM. I have looked all over for something that might be hindering the RPM, but can't find anything.

Any clues or suggestions on what I might be overlooking, I would appreciate them!

Thanks - Rick

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RickG Guest

Okay, I got a bright idea to try to change out the panel, copied the DC-3 panel over to the B-25 (sounds absurd, right?) and lo and behold the RPM runs up to where it should be. Now, why would 2 different downloads by 2 different developers have the same problem? Beyond me, but, now i have to go find a panel that will work. I kind of liked the original, but something is defintely wrong with it?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You could email the designer and tell him your problem.
They are a nice bunch, he will answer with a solution...we hope.


RickG Guest

Hi Radarman- Yes, it was Bob Chicilo, I left a comment on the download about it, but i don't know if they look at those often? Where could i find an email address for him?

RickG Guest

I found one on the Text file for the download! Thanks Radarman!

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