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Lorenzo Clerico Guest

I have bought and paid with PayPal a PRO Account but i cant enter my login (user name and password) for
downloading.  Can i have a new account?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Email here.



PhillFlash Guest

I've been battling for over a month now with the same problem.
This website is EAGER to take money, but will offer NO HELP when things don't go correctly.
I too a working with PayPal to stop RBFTP from taking $5.00 out of my account EVERY MONTH.
I'd be HAPPY to work with anyone who would be able to help out, but . . .

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fgwhite Trainee

I wish I'd seen this post before I set up an account. I can't download either and am getting no answer from my ticket after 3 days.

Here is how to cancel your subscription at PayPal after you've logged in:
Activity >> All Transactions (drop down - change to Subscription Payments) >> Click RBFTP Networks Ltd. >>  Cancel (under Subscription details) >> Cancel Plan

Paypal sends subscription information to:
Maybe emailing that address would yield better communication.


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