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Interesting to read Stephen's response to a previous question that VR controllers are effective in MSFS2020 aircraft.  Many of my aircraft say that controls are not optimized for use with VR controllers.  Stephen said there is built-in functionality of some sort.  Am I missing something in a download since first purchasing MSFS2020?  Or is there a command somewhere that I need to activate?  I Love VR but need to use my joystick on the ground and my mouse to control the cockpit in flight on most aircraft.  Thanks for your help.  Richard.

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Hello Richard,

It's great to hear you're enjoying VR with MSFS2020! I can understand your desire to make the experience as seamless as possible. To clarify my previous response, while MSFS2020 does indeed have built-in support for VR controllers, not every third-party aircraft may be fully optimized for this feature.

Firstly, I'd recommend making sure your simulator is fully up-to-date. Updates often bring enhancements to VR functionality, which may help improve your experience. You can do this through the Microsoft Store or Steam, depending on which platform you purchased MSFS2020 from.

Now, to address the issue with aircraft not being fully optimized for VR controllers, it is essential to note that some third-party developers may not have fully integrated VR controller support into their aircraft. In such cases, you might need to rely on your joystick and mouse, as you mentioned.

Nevertheless, you can still use VR controllers in the default aircraft provided within the simulator. To ensure you're taking full advantage of the VR controller functionality, follow these steps:

  1. Enter VR mode by pressing CTRL+TAB.
  2. Open the VR controller settings menu by pressing ESC and selecting Controls.
  3. Select your VR controller from the device drop-down menu.
  4. Ensure the correct bindings are set up for your VR controller. You can modify them according to your preference.

Once you have the bindings set up, you should be able to interact with the virtual cockpit using your VR controllers. Remember, though, that this might not apply to all third-party aircraft.

For those specific aircraft that mention limited VR controller support, you may want to reach out to the developers for updates or patches.

I hope this helps, and happy flying!

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