Erj-170 and Metro 3 repaint, please.

fokker_f27 Guest

Since I can't get my own paints to work, I think I'll request them.
I would like the avsim metro 3 and ERJ-170 repainted in the following schemes.

These are for my VA. I will off course credit you for the repaints. If you do not feel like doing this, it's ok.

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fokker_f27 Guest

If you want the logo in larger letters:

clayloch11 Guest

I could probably do those repaints. Email me at:

fokker_f27 Guest

Not to be impatient, but clayloch11 is vrey busy right now. If anyone else would like to do it for me, I would really appreaciate it.

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Irvin25 Trainee

I will work on the ERJ if you like I couldnt find the paintkit for the Metro 3

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