ERJ 170 - Sound add-on - no sound in cockpit view

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Hello all,

I just downloaded the sound add-on for the ERJ 170 by Albert, from Dreamwings.
I have the ERJ 170 v3, but I have no sound at all in cockpit view, or vc view, altough i have perfect sound in outside view and by tower.
Please help me, as I think the sound is perfect!

Thank you

ps: Hi Radarman, I know you will read this

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Hi Baron!

See if these will help.

Check settings in the sim first to make sure you have the sound in the cockpit turned up high.;en-us;812394


baron-o--0--o- Guest


thank's for the reply, that was usefull, but didn't solve the problem. Since the sound works for all other aircrafts in all views...

i don't know if the problem is that I didn't install the files correctly... again it's a sound add-on for the aircraft.. i replace the sound.cfg file and the rest i put in the fs9 sound folder..

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The sound.cfg file may need to be adjusted.


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