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Hi, I purchased activesky 6 the other day and i'm still a little unsure if I've set it up correctly, as the game doesn't look much different to default.

I've got Activesky running with online updates and selected appropriate options after reading the accompanying documentation.

I'm getting the green band across the screen with meteo data on, so I presume it running fine.

Could someone tell me what are the settings (in the actual game and in the activesky option menu) to get it set up correctly?

i've got all detail settings (weather, plane, etc) at ultra high, anti aliasing enabled, etc. At the moment the weather is set to user defined, should it be set to real life? I just presumed AS6 would overide this setting anyway 😕

If anyone could help or has some advice I'd very much appreciate it.

oh, one other thing...I set the time option to system time and enter the current GMT and date into the game but after every flight or reload it never remembers the time.

Is there anyway for the game to remember the time?


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What's your weather setting? It should be set to userdefined weather.

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If he is seing the METAR readout, then he is set upt o use ASV6.

Choose the highest quality clouds 512x512 using DXT3 textures. If that slows your system down too much, drop down to the next lower selection.

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