Repaint request: Fast Jet International

ProXius Guest

Hello everyone!
I would really, really like a repaint for the Dreamwings Fokker 50
It's going to be for my new fictional aircompany: 'Fast Jet'

I want the colours to be red,black,white.

I'll leave it to the designers for shapes and stuff, becuase they may have total freedom of the design!

Who wants to make a cool repaint?

Fokker 50 basepack:
Repaint kit:

Thank you!

3 Responses

Pro Member Trainee
Gromit Trainee

I'll give it a whirl in the next couple of days.

ProXius Guest

Wow, cool man 😀
I am looking forward to the result.

ProXius Guest

How is the repaint coming along?
I hope it's going to be nice 😀


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