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does any body know which folder wing views go into there isnt a read me file

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Mohit (Mc_GaNgStA) First Officer

There is no folder. you need to edit the Aircraft.cfg or the panel.cfg. Cant remember which one, but depending on the panel you chose (NOT the default Boeing 737 panel) you have to edit the file and add another few lines. It's in some thread here. Take a look.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Its the panel config

Any problems come back 😉


can anybody that knos....can send to me the edit get the wingview on my game....i flight a 747-400....i have the im dowloading the FSX...send it to

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Solotwo Chief Captain

Good job bumping an old thread.

I love when guests come in and want people to do all the work for them.

How will you ever learn?

BashDaBish Guest

They learn by asking on forums such as this. This guest used his/her head and used the search facilty to find what he/she was looking for. As they are not as gifted as yourself they decided to shamefully ask for help.

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Solotwo Chief Captain

No they asked for SOMEONE TO DO IT FOR THEM, and THEN SEND IT TO THEM, not ask HOW to do it.


i need to know if there's any freeware programs that let you look around the plane...not just the cockpit...but the cabin.
If so,it would be much appreciated ❓

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Freeware: F1View Utility - all you need is a mouse with a scroll wheel ➡

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