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Hi Folks....
I'm a dab hand at landing a Cessna on the ILS. Tune the frequency of the airport into the NAV1, keep the localiser central, and keep the glidepath needle horizontal. I can land in thick fog...nay problemo.

I want to do it in the Learjet 45 now, and I can visually land a Learjet fine.

The digital Clock has a blue line, a green line with a moveing middle bit, a looped faint white line.

Does anyone have an explaination of exactly how to use the dial in the same way the Cessna VOR dial works?


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In the Learjet, the navigation instrument is called a Horisontal Situation Indicator(HSI). It does basically the same thing as the VOR/ILS indicator in the Cessna plus some added features. 🙂,%20the%20complete.html

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Thanks. From your links, I worked out that the localiser is tracked from the middle part of the green arrow, which is NAV1. Nav 2 shows a blue line, which is a directional VOR, or it can be the source of the ILS frquency if you want . The learjet is the arrow and the localiser is the middle section. If the middle section is to the left, I turn slightly left.

Thanks again.

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