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I have noticed a few glitches in FSX but the most annoying one is that flying the 737 sometime, and only sometimes the Speed indicator reads 0 whilst in flight.

I have not set it to fail on the failures screen.

Anyone else have this problem?


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Pitot icing. Is your pitot heat on?

saint4 Guest

I fly the 737 all the time but i havent got that.

The logo light doesnt work nor does (autobrake in 3d cockpit.)
Theres no nav lights and the taxi lights dont work. Also passenger lights dont work.

Anti-collision and landing lights work, strobe lights work, panel lights work.


CrashGordon wrote:

Pitot icing. Is your pitot heat on?

Yes it was,

By the way what does the pilot heat do?

Also what are the de iceing toggles do? and when should they be used?


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The heated pitot system consists of a heating element in the pitot tube. When the pitot heat switch is turned on, the element in the pitot tube is heated electrically to maintain proper operation in possible icing conditions. Ice blocking the Pitot tube will cause the airspeed indicator to malfunction. Pitot heat should be used when flying thru visible moisture(clouds or rain) with a outside temperature(OAT)or Total Air Temperature (TAT) of 0 degrees C or less. Commercial and jet aircraft use pitot heat continuously during flight.

Deice switch's control the wing and engine inlet anti-ice/deice system. Structural icing degrades performance of wings and engines. In large jet aircraft this consist of using hot engine bleed air to heat leading edges of wing and inlet of engines to prevent the accumulation of ice in flight. Normally used(simple answer) when flying in visible moisture with a OAT or TAT of 0 degrees or less. 🙂

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