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B737 manual stat up

smith_77 Guest

hi there!

I just want to ask how to start or shutdown B737 engines manualy?

I usualy hit starter buttun and from uknown reason it turns from GRD (which should be use for ground start up) to FLT (for for inflight start up).... CONTINUOS and OFF selection were probably removed!!!!!

well lets get back to topic so:
I switch engine no.1 starter to FLT
Ignition move automaticly to left
when N2 higher than 20 i open engine no.1 start lever

The problem is that it is not working everytime sometimes when i open start lever the engine doesnt react

And second problem is that if i cutoff start levers and switch starters back to GRD the engine keep spinning if i switch to external view and i hear the engine sound on cockpit.... When using auto shutdown i dont hear the engine sound but still i can see engines spinnig from external view....

in both cases the engine indicates no RPM on engine gauges in cockpit...

So can anybody help me o that? Or is there any patch or addon that can add more procedures, correct this strange beahviour and add real all clickable cockpit to B737 or better B737-800? THX

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