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B-24 liberator downloads

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🙄 Hi guys,
i am new to downloadind patches and bits but i am really enjoying the new aircraft for CFS3.
Does anybody have any information on where i might find any downloads of eighth air force B-24 Liberators as i would love to be able to find one painted in the colours of my local bomb group the 44Th bomb group.
can anybody help me.

tcwilson Guest


FirePower has an excellent B-24J included in the kit. This is an upgrade to CFS3. Undoubtedly you will need to repaint, and if you're looking for an earlier model of B-24 you're probably screwed, but it gets you in the ballpark.

If you're going to add FirePower, it costs a bit, but shop around. I found it for $18 (lists much higher). I think it's well worth the cost...

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