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I got FSX Deluxe Edition for Christmas, after it had been sitting in a cupboard since release date with me not allowed to use it until christmas day, as it was a present from somebody (though in actual fact I bought it and they just gave me the money).

So, anyway, I tried to install it today and all the files copied over ok but when I tried to enter my product key at the activation screen it kept telling me that my product key was invalid or incorrect.
I've checked and re-typed the code dozens of times now but with no success. I've turned off my firewall, tried with connection to the internet and without, and tried with discs 1 and 2 in, yet it still tells me the code is invalid. 😞

I bought the game from and it came shrink wrapped and fully sealed with certificate of authenticity stuck to the side of the box, so there's no chance that I've acquired a pirate copy.

What do I do? Has anyone else had this problem and what was your solution?

I suppose I'm going to have to phone Microsoft Support but with it being the New Year I can't do that until Tuesday, plus I've heard lots of stories about their Asia based call centers being 'less than helpful', so in the meantime I'm just trying to search the internet and try to find a solution so that I can get playing FSX properly before returning to work on Wednesday after having christmas off.

Any help you could give would be really appreciated.



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hi i own a copy of flight sim x deluxe. is your product key inside the box on a orange sticker with flight sim x dlx written above it.
also in the past i have had problems with product key codes because i have mistaken a letter for another.

hope this helps



Yes, it is the product key on the yellow sticker. Also, I am sure I have not typed the key incorrectly because I've tried dozens of times now, and even purposely typed letters incorrectly in case there was some sort of printing error on their part.

I'm fairly sure it is simply the wrong key. I've just sent an e-mail to Amazon asking if they will still accept a return under the circumstances, however I am still outside their extended Christmas returns policy, so things are not looking hopeful.


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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Read through these posts, there's a registration hack you can download.


Thanks for the help. I didn't really want to crack it since thats illegal - I mean if I bothered to spend £55 on this game the last thing I want to do is make my copy illegal anyway.

In the end the nice people at Amazon decided to let me send it back and have already put a replacement in the post. Lets just hope the new copy has a working product key. 😎


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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Good point, let use know how the next copy works. 🙂

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