Airplanes go up or down, why?

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after taking off the ground and reaching about 6000 ft, my airplanes go up or down (airbus, boeing) when I center the joystick. I'm sure that my joystick is calibrated and I think it is not the wind.
Can you help me? Any advice?

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It could be that the elevator trim is set too high or too low.

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Yes, thank you. It's work. But I'm wondering where I can see on control panel status of elevator trim. I cannot find it in Airbus or Boeing. Is there any instrument which will show elevator trim status like e.g. flaps status?

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Well it depends on the panel you are using. For example, on a few addon panels, the trim area is a completely different window. On the original default boeing 737 panel in the game, the trim is on the main panel. So it all depends on the panel that you are using.


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I am using default panels on all airplanes.

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