Rant! Really annoyed about software registration in FSX


OK I'm totally against software piracy, but it should be possible for me to use a game program on any machine I wish - as long as it is only one machine at a time.

I have been flight simming for a long time. Of just the MS titles, I have owned FS3, FS98, FS2000 pro, CFS, CFS2 and FS2002. I have lots of addons for these.

Why does software registration matter to me? I have two machines running Windows XP, a fairly powerful desktop and a laptop. Typically I will have FS2002 and photoscenery loaded on that machine (sometimes CFS2).
When I get a few moments I can pop in the disk and off I go! When I am away from home on business I can take my laptop with FS2002 loaded, plus the disk.
It is more tricky with the keyboard and mouse, but I get time to explore some interesting locations and log them for later.

Unfortunately, neither of my machines has a huge hard disk, so work often requires the space and I have to uninstall my flight sim software. I reload it when that job is over. I might reload it on the other machine.
I'm just not going to be able to do this with FSX

As for Microsoft's suggestion that I buy two copies of the an rrp of £59.99? Evil or Very Mad

Interestingly, there is no notice on the outside of the box that the reg. process is compulsory and it can only ever be used on one machine. Why did they hide it?
Flight sims are games and Microsoft has moved the goalposts. Will they be doing the same with other PC and Xbox games?

So I 'm selling my (unopened) FSX deluxe (a Christmas present) and will look for FS2004. Please does anyone know if my VFR photo. scenery for FS2002 will work with 2004?

Rant over! Thank you for a really useful site and thanks for listening. A Happy New Year to all and happy landings! 😉


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After reading this a second time, there is a remedy for that. You have to When you install FSX on a computer, it "tags" your computer. When you uinstall FSX, the "tag" is still there. I forgot what it called, but there is a removal program for it......

Ah, I got it: the file is mskb928080, and what it contains is a reset tool for Windows. I have used this three times for FSX (due to overclocking and jamming up my computer) and I was able to reinstall FSX with no problems.

Now, I have a suggestion: get a usb external drive for FSX. That way, you will no longer have to worry about uninstalling FSX due to work.

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