"Pulsing" static on 2 flights, then...

BcBobster Guest

Pulsing static on 2 flights, then during the flight it goes away, anyone else ever get this sound on their speakers?

I can't even here my co-pilot...

Would love to fix this...


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BcBobster Guest

Really, no one else getting this on their game???

Why meeeeee!


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Steve (astrosteve) First Officer

Perhaps it was just your imagination..... Whistle Whistle

You know Pilots heve reported seeing and hearing things that just are not there.

Or maybe it was...... Radar Little Green men tearing apart your plane's wing!!!!!!!

Be Careful up there!!!!

Really it's probably just a sound driver bug issue. FSX is as buggy as flies on a ribroast.


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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Check to see if your marker beacon audio switch or NAV radio IDENT button(s) is selected on Radio console.

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mdaskalos First Officer

How about a grounding or EMI problem with your speakers that dissipates after a period of use???

Like: Any dust bunnies that have grown into dust rats going across speaker terminals in hiddne away places?


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