-1 ping when hosting.....why ?

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kbohme Trainee

I have a cable modem, and a pretty beefy system, I always host with the setting set to minimal. I have put both the simulator and gamespy in the alowed section of my vista firewall and yet whenever I host i still end up with a -1 ping, thus no takers for flyers.
When I connect to other games I seem to have a really good connection with rarely a small lag.
Any suggestions ?

Also I would like to set up multi ATC sessions where flyers can go from one airspace to another, with perhaps even ground/tower/departures at each airport. ( I know the last one is a bit of a pipe dream but at least multi airports )
anyone interested ?

Thanks for any help / interest 🙂

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Helge Meyer (Meyer189) Trainee

hay, yea i am interested, i am a real worl pilot but, can be ATC if you like... witch "aiports" do you have in mind..?

Best Regards. Helge Meyer

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fighterpilot553 Trainee

i have the exact opposite problem. i can host games that people can join but i cant join other games because ALL of them are -1 Help??

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Kevin Beuger (bsktballboy005) Trainee

Hey i would love to join that server it is a big dream but maybe someday i also am on my way to getting my private pilots liscense but enjoy playing fsx i have the same problem but best of wishes to your dream server

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gmphap1 Trainee

hey i am interested too. i love flying and have 4.4 in real life and i would love to be an atc controller whats your sesion called?

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gmphap1 Trainee

my gamespy ID is cessnaguy

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first2run Trainee

Hey, I am also interested! I fly an F/A 18 Super Hornet!! (not in real life but maybe some day!) I would also like a sever just like this. Tell me the session or game name and I can hopefully join. By the way, I can join the -1 ping servers, all the servers anyway so I can't really help you but I am really sorry that that is happening 😞

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kbohme Trainee

sorry about the delayed responce folks.
i had joined a VA but got sick of it.
I still have the dream of a multi airport server. I would be interested in ATC at CYYZ as I have all the charts and am familiar with all the VFR and VOR apporoaches and departures.
I still have been unable to fix my -1 ping hosting problem, and therefore no one ever joins my sessions because they think it will be too slow.
Does anyone else have the ability to host without a -1 ping and would like to "start the dream ? "

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