FSX problem with IFR flight plans

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Anyone having problems flying IFR flightplans? I use the FSX flightplanner to plan a VOR to VOR route and everything runs fine until I get out of the airport airspace and the ATC turns me south and does not follow my requested plan.

I double check the IFR plan but everything is correct.

I need to experiment more with it, but wanted to ping everyone and get some feedback.

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I created 2 direct GPS IFR plans, one from ZSPD to RJAA, one from KSAT to KIAH. If I start flight right after that everything was fine. However when I fly the saved plans ATC panel failed to transfer me to the next frequency, and the GPS wouldn't show my planned flight path. Then when I opened the map, it shows my flight plan starts from somewhere in atlantic, couple of hundred miles west of Africa coast line.

One thing to note is that I downloaded some dlls to bypass activation, I don't know if this has anything to do with my problem.

Guest Guest

I have the same problems and more ... Does not follow saved plans, ILS says its established but plane tries to land nowhere near the airport, and A321 sometimes loses physics (does flips and spins) on takeoff. Twisted Evil

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